Friday, June 4, 2010

Blurred Horizon...

Team India's tryst with shoddiness continues, with back to back humiliation at the hands of the gritty minnows. The Men in Blue were struck by a bolt from the blue as the hosts registered their second thumping victory, this time with close to 11 overs in hand. Cruising towards a berth in the finals, the "underdogs" even bagged a bonus point. With no more late nighters to be taken shelter under, the boys are sure to face some blaring music once back home. 

Sadly, the saga of of absurd team selection continues, even post the World Cup debacle. Murali Vijay earning a place in the team despite the outright horrendous performance in the WC has raised quite a few eyebrows. Poor shot selection, substandard fielding, erroneous bowling...the list of blunders can go on. Making mistakes and shamelessly repeating them seems to have become a habit.

This brings me to a question that has probably been hounding the heads of every thinking follower of Indian cricket. Is it about time to fall back on the stable shoulders of the seniors? With most of the pro's leaving a profound and lasting mark on all formats of the game, it would probably be wise of the selection committee to let the colts blossom under the shadow of the seniors, rather than letting them fend for themselves. Their inexperience and immaturity to handle even an easy opponent like Zimbabwe is a cause for concern. With preparations for the next World Cup on full swing, it would be better for the BCCI to nip the problem in the bud than cry over spilt milk later on.

The killer instinct seems to be missing. This young team, which should be oozing with enthusaism and zeal, is ironically, looking pale, with no spark or zing. The fate in this series is dependent on the performance of the other teams rather than their own. Unfortunate. But they have only themseleves and the board to blame. 

The BCCI is already under the scanner after refusing to send a team to the Asian Games. A series loss will only add on to their woes. Being labelled as a commercial sport, the immediate future looks a little too bleak for the BCCI’s comfort. It is in a muddle of issues at the moment: sports authorities slamming them for their move regarding the Asian Games, successive pathetic shows by the team at major outings, the evergreen Lalit Modi issue. Quite a bit on their plate!