Tuesday, May 15, 2012


*Failures are the pillars of success*



Failures are not pillars of success. Failures are…bloody failures.

10-year-old Kshitij failed in his maths paper. He was shitting bricks, terrified of what would happen once he would get back home; once his ‘how-the-hell-did-you-not-get-full-marks’ mother would open the dreaded sheet of paper, and…YELL, of course, if he’s lucky. And if he’s not, flog him, as well.

The thought for the day, written on the blackboard in neat, block letters commanded his attention. “Failures are…” it said. The face stiffened with fright eased into a smile radiating relief. “Of, course,” the duped kid thought.

But, things don’t happen we want them to happen, do they? Kshitij realized, what his teacher had told him about failures being the pillars of blah blah was just truckloads of shit.

Sachin Tendulkar, dubbed as the God of cricket hasn’t been spared either. Wonder how many tongues wagged, writing him off, when the milestone ton of tons eluded him? When he failed to bring up the much coveted figure time and again, why wouldn’t the world fall back on the one saying that’s almost always used to console someone who’s failed? Why?
You know why?

I do.

Because failures aren’t the pillars of success. Failures are…bloody failures.

The next time, someone tells you, you’ve FAILED in something, don’t fall back on the lame saying. Wake up. You’ve failed. Yes, there is time to correct yourself. But, you can never shake off the failure tag dangling around your neck.

You fail to complete a project on time, you fail to clean your room, you fail in an exam, you fail to please people, you fail in this, and then, you fail in that too.

Bloody failures. They are everywhere. Has anyone of them become a pillar? Yes, maybe pillars of failures. Nothing more, nothing less. Bloody failures.