Monday, April 19, 2010

Sniffing a Victory....

With a crushing defeat vs the Mumbai Indians, and almost no credible reason to take solace in, the team morale is down in the dumps. So what should the perfect strategy be to combat MI, who are in peach of a form, perching comfortable at the top of the table?

Firstly, what happened at the preliminary level is of no use now. It is a question of taking it one match at a time. The batting order needs to be revised. The bowling options are limited, but Jumbo spearheading the attack, opening the bowling with his lethal and deceptive spin, could be effective. Catching, after the last match, has become a sphere of concern.

Another question is KP or White? Thumbs up for KP, keeping in mind his consistent performance and ability to chip in as a part time bowler. Appanna and Vinay too have been impressive. But then again, comes the question of picking up one. Steyn can be devastative with his blistering pace. Kallis, who is in the eye of the storm, needs to perform, and perform with an awesome run rate. VD Merwe deserves a chance, but serious doubts on whether the management would take a gamble.

If Kallis makes an early exit and returns to the pavilion, the ideal strategy would be to promote Dravid up the order, to render consolidation to the innings and pumping up the run rate later. With a hard hitter on one end, and an anchor on the other, setting a target or chasing down one should not be impossible.

Fielding needs fine tuning. Catches need to be scooped out of thin air. Dropping sitters is a sin. RCB needs a sharp fielding attack, with the fielders always on their toes and a shrewd field placement, that will put a lid on the leaking out of singles and couples in the slog overs.

MI is a formidable team, and the kind of winning streak they are in, a bit of both brawn and brain is a prerequisite to cruise through the semis. Analysing the blunders made in the previous matches and trying not to repeat them is the key to victory. The top order needs to fire, and one of the batsmen should always aim to up the ante, and put pressure on the bowling side. Bowlers need to stick to their basics, and not err in line and length.

For all RCB fans, this is the time to be a solid mode of energy revival. The team needs our support, and all RCBians need to cheer for them wholeheartedly.

The venue of the semi finals being shifted to Navi Mumbai is definitely gonna play a crucial role, as the Chinnaswami Stadium is known for the awe inspiring support it lends to the home team. Nevertheless, playing excellent cricket will compensate for that, and playing with the spirit of being only two steps away from that beauty, should be inspiring enough to see us through to the finals.

Time to roar like the Royals. Time to answer back. Time to rise from the ashes. Time to Win! We are Game for More!!!