Thursday, April 1, 2010

C(h)at Fight!!

Chat: One of the saviours that prevents you from dozing off in the middle of a class that can put you to a state of opium induced sleep! Sit next to your friend and gossip and bitch big time, apart from sharing your problems, without the rest of the world getting a hint of what you are up to!

I was multi tasking last evening. Profound and very professional it may sound though, for everyone’s benefit, let me clarify that I was watching the IPL and chatting on Facebook!! With the entire class fragmented because of internship, and with a lot of my friends scattered, chats do help in keeping touch with them.

I was chatting with the Cricket Guru and Master Geek, Karthik. Both of us were on the opposites sides of the pole. One, a hard core CSK fan, the other, a die hard RCB loyalist. It was indeed a clash of the titans. With one battle on field, there was another one, a miniscule one on Facebook. It was Karthik Krishnan Vs Parvathy Gopalakrishnan, engaged in a battle of words! It was time for Chat Fight! Every development in the match paved way to a new twist in the tale, in the CSK vs RCB replica on Facebook.

Multitasking at its best! One glance at the match, and a brainstorming for a perfect one liner that could give one an edge over the other. As the match reached its final stages, the Facebook Battle also intensified. Smileys were also thrown in to compliment the witty comments and counter comments we were coming up with!! Every boundary led to smirks from his side and the fall of every wicket invoked a devilish smile on my face, translated through words and smileys!!

The match ended with CSK screwing us up! Karthik Krishnan, for sure had the last laugh; and I could only copy him in saying, “What Misery?!!”