Wednesday, March 31, 2010

To Be Or Not To Be.....

I wonder why can’t we switch between being mature and responsible, and being a child, as per our wishes. One moment be an adult, the very next moment, think like a child! How convenient it would have been to have a role reversal, every time the dire necessity arose. To hide behind the veil of an incessantly deceptive mode of thinking, to steer clear of all troubles and controversies!

But that is, primarily, not the sole reason. Letting the passive child in you wake up and rekindle emotions in you that had been lying dormant for a long time; engaging in activities that would thrill you, something that you would never imagine in your wildest dreams as an adult.

Although that would be a refreshing change, yet it cannot be implemented in our lives every time, owing to practical difficulties. Imagine yourself, behaving like a toddler in the midst of an extremely significant meeting!! You would make all heads turn, for all the wrong reasons of course!!! One can’t possibly rationalise wearing the thinking cap of a child, while handling sticky situations; while one is in a soup, for if one does do, one has to be prepared to drown in the soup he or she is already in!!!

It therefore, becomes inevitable to switch on and off the infant mode. A person who can master this art can be assured of bliss and unearthly happiness!! But that brings us to the most difficult part: how do we know when to swap. Once that riddle is solved, things would perhaps fall in the right places. Life would be a blessing then! Till then, one can only contemplate…To Be Or Not To Be..