Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Battle Within......

When the mind is ripped apart, when rationality quivers; when indecisiveness could probably describe the state of mind; when there is a storm surging within. That is when contemplation becomes the last thing possible.A split second robs people of all the positivity and cheerfulness. The struggle to bridge the gap between emotions and practicality continues. What is it that can have a calming and pacifying effect? A question, the answer to which can be the key to unlock the door to an utopian world. The consequential brooding over things leads to whole new world of self introspection, bringing to the limelight things unknown; both about ourselves and the people around.

Moments of this sort lead to a seemingly automatic unravelling of the remedies of the disease called impulsiveness. Gazing at the sky, counting stars, gripped by the beauty of the "silver sphere", being with oneself, solitary, away from the bustling of the world morose does help. Engaging in a conversation with the inner self, procuring answers to questions unasked, takes you on a journey within yourself. A journey, where the "Me" and "I" merge into a single entity; something that is impossible in the real world. In the concrete jungle that the world has become, people arel split selves....they endeavour to mask themselves; camouflage their real identity. That is when retrospection plays a vital role.....introducing people to their real selves...breaking the shackles of being someone they are not.