Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reinstating My Belief

Surviving eight months of Delhi has helped me test numerous shades of my character; some known, some brought to the fore by the erosions of time. Facets, which I had tried hard to supress; habits which didn't die, but resurfaced with a greater intensity. From being a bubbly and inquisitive student, to being a silent spectator in class, Delhi has brought out the extremities in me. Fortunately though, some habits die hard. Clinging on to my values, and trusting my instincts has helped me a lot to cruise (erm..not really) through this journey. But more than anything else, the support of a handful of friends has made all the torture bearable. Warmth. Understanding. Support. Love. Affection. Concern. Protectiveness. These were all attributes I thought would be tough to find. It is indeed surprising that I have come across some people, even though only a few of them, who have demonstrated all these qualities, and have made my stay in Delhi worth while. Anger is a quality of mine, which is harmful for my health as well for those around me! Calming me down and pacifying me, helping me gulp bitter things down, with a pinch of sugar is a tremendous feat that these people have achieved. They have protected me, recreating the same cocoon that my parents had sheltered me inside. Thanking them a thousand times wouldn't probably suffice. Someone once said, "Dilli kuch nahi deti hain..par leti zaroor hain: humaari maasoomiyat" True. But some people are blessed to be gifted with such amazing friends, that too, by a city as hostile as Delhi! Thank you, thank you so much people, for keeping my belief in friendship intact! :)