Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Mind, Body and Soul, Rejuvenated.......

A walk down a narrow path, soothed by the shade of the trees, while the rest of city was reeling under the torrid spell of the sun. Although there was a storm raging inside my head, yet I could feel the calmness of the atmosphere seeping into my soul. With a glassful of freshly squeezed orange juice to refresh, a group of friends to keep the spirits high, and the expectations of an evening to be enjoyed, the level of my excitement knew no bounds.

Walking barefoot on the green grass invokes different emotions in different people. For some, the passive child in them is reborn, with their instincts urging them to roll on the grass and have a gala time. For me, green grass below my feet and a clear blue sky above my head seemed ethereal. A strange sense of being free, was flowing through my veins. I felt light. I had no baggage of work on my shoulders. I had no grievances.

My mind was at peace. It was serene. Gazing at the sky, I realized that the poems on nature, reading which seemed to be a futile exercise, had truth in them. Man tends to be away from all the miseries of life when in Nature's Lap. A soft tune playing in the background, in the company of people whom I like, I felt shielded; as if nothing evil could penetrate through the invisible wall and harm me.

The past few days had drained me out completely, I had the feeling of being chained. This outing to Raj Ghat, however, broke all the chains that i felt tied to; relieved me of the burden that was bogging me down. I felt refreshed. The aura of the place enchanted me, egged me to stay on, and soak in all the postivity it had to offer. It purged me of all the negativity that was building up inside me.

As I left the place, I felt comfortable in my skin. I had managed to let go of the anger and frustration in me. I left behind all the silly fights, politics, vindictiveness and manipulations. I was happy. Rejuvenated. And all the credit goes to Sandy for planning this outing. Thanks Sandy. You made my day, a day well spent!!