Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Night That Was................

TSJ has made us maniacs. Insomniacs for sure! It is indeed surprising, how one sleepless night can change our entire system and routine forever. We are now accustomed to a life, where we end up dozing off at all the wrong places with the worst timing possible!

Last night, me and my roomies were battling with the consequences of being insomniac. Gossiping and chatting about God knows what. Girls' gossip is funny; intriguing to be precise. It's kinda amusing the way girls can hop about from one topic to the other like a kangaroo. Beginning with a topic related to family, we swiftly digressed to relationships and black magic, taking us to the topic that sent shivers down our spines: ghosts and spirits.

A pin-drop silence enveloped us; we could here the clock go tick-tock. When the dogs started howling, we had our hearts in our mouths and we clung together, trying to overcome the fright that had gripped us; each trying to put up a brave face.

None of us had the guts to sleep alone. Me and my roomie were trying in vain to travel into the world of sleep. But thanks to the acupuncture that the mosquitoes obliged me with, along with a complementary melody in my ears, my night (erm...wee hours) was ruined! I was sleepy, but I was preoccupied with combating the bites and the heat which made me feel as if i was being baked in an oven!!

Fortunately though, my "lead-laden" eyelids drooped, till they could no longer stay apart. I fell asleep!! But a few minutes of heavenly sleep was disrupted because of an unexpected and unwarranted visitor: a helpless and dumb pigeon that had made its way through the window, and didn't know how to go back! It was stuck with us and we were stuck with it! After some time of efforts that totally went down the drain, we hit the sack again, only to be woken up by our "super bai", who managed to help the poor thing find its way back!

With nothing else to disrupt our sleep, we slipped into a reverie, deep and relaxing! I was violently jolted from by blissful slumber when I realized that it was 9.30 in the morning! All I could manage to mumble was "F@#$, I am Screwed!!" Boomeranging in room, trying to look presentable, spraying talcum powder all over the room, I managed to reach college, one and a half hours late! The rest, as they say, is history!! :)