Saturday, May 8, 2010

Living on the Edge

As I stand along the edge of the train, a gust of wind caresses my hair, blowing it away from my face. It fills me up with a fresh lease of life; gives me a sense of having broken away from all shackles. Despite having a place to sit, I choose to stand, just to feel the breeze hit my face. The chilly breeze is in pleasant contrast to the humid weather.

The city looks dazzling at night…tall towers look studded with a thousand stars; each of them stands apart. The constant hustle at the stations baffles me, as I wonder, are these stations ever devoid of people?

The city of hope it is called. Every face radiates the passion to excel. The eagerness to carve a niche of their own is perhaps the driving force. I have, as of now, become a part of the ever swelling population of the country that proudly calls itself Mumbaikars.

With a thousand dreams in my eyes, I have embarked on a voyage marked by paths of uncertainties and dilemmas. The challenges of the profession, the survival of the fittest, all these characteristics seem to be implicitly reflected by the train journey.

I have brazened up myself to cross the innumerable hurdles that my life will be peppered with; imbibing the spirit of the city that never sleeps, I have begun enjoying living life on the edge.