Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Pursuit of a Wanderer

In the vast misty sky,

The dreamy eyes of the wanderer search for the silver lining;
For a ray of hope that can fill the lifeless vastness
With hues of brilliance and positivity.

Like a boat in the rough tides,
Life sails him away from the safe shores.
It cooks up a storm,
To entrap him within a whirlwind of trouble.

Cuddled inside the blanket of darkness,
Life seems to smirk at him;
Trapping him within one snare after another,
Sarcasm seems to be painted on its face.

His skin burns beneath the torrid spell,
He has no shield against the woeful rain,
Nature saps him of the every ion of energy he has,
Yet he moves on.

No pole star to guide,
No oasis to quench his thirst,
No companion to accompany,
Yet he goes on.

Life sniggers and jeers at him,
Yet he moves undeterred,
Battling all odds,
Towards a hazy horizon.

He wanders from place to place,
Memories painted on the blank canvas of his memory,
Meeting and greeting people,
Yet has no one who longs for him.

Life has the last laugh,
He dies unknown,
No one sheds tears for him, no one remembers him,
The unsung hero..the Wanderer