Monday, April 25, 2011

Keep It Simple Silly!! :)

 ***Boy to girl: Err…I don’t really want a relationship at this point in time.

  Girl to boy (heart-broken, yet pretending to be calm): Ok. And why is that so?

  Boy to girl: See, this in one phase of our life when we can have fun, live life the way we     want to, without thinking too much. Relationships make life complicated. That’s why.

  Girl to boy: I get your point. We’ll think about a relationship later on. ***

Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Most couples these days think not just twice or thrice, they think over a hundred times before they nod their head in approval when it comes to the “being in a relationship” part. So, what is playing villain in the normal lovey-dovey scene?

Five years back in time, guys used to hesitate asking a girl out. Reason: what if the girl rejects the proposal? And now, five years down the line, guys face the same perplexity, but with a minor difference. The hesitation is still there, but the apprehension, a little different. Reason: what if the girl accepts the proposal? Ironical, isn’t it?

Relationships are no longer trending. I know it does not sound a trifle cool, but then, that is how it is. The grey area between being in a relationship, and not being in one, is oft perceived to be disgusting. “Time-pass” is what the Tom, Dick and Harry would term it as. But, come to think of it, is it really only time-pass?

I beg to differ. I don’t think love should be relationship- bound. You can love someone, care for someone, miss that person, enjoy his/her company, without being a couple. No rishte ka naam, and the world and its wife think you’re doomed. But it isn’t like that. Look at the pressure every individual is facing. If you’re a student, the pressure of doing well academically is not the only thing that’ll be on your mind. Extra-curricular activities, internships, jobs and “being in the league of uber-cool peers” will consume most of your sanity.

And if you’re a professional, its worse. Moving up the ladder, elbowing other possible competitors, keeping the family happy, earning more than your batchmates, and more to make you a lunatic. Amidst all this, one does need to take out time to switch off. One needs have that “special someone”, who can be by your side, make you laugh, and comfort you; a “special someone”, who has to be more than a friend.

Relationships aren’t harmful. No they’re not. But what makes them messy is that the expectations rise at a mercurial rate. Its like, “You bloody need to take my call even if you’re on your death-bed” Was a possibility once upon a time, but not anymore. Every individual comes with his/ her own set of problems, and it’s best not to pile on one’s issues on the heads of others. Even if it’s your “significant other”. People need closeness, yet they need space. The best way to make it a win-win situation, is by drawing a line.

We have to understand that our existence is a complex saga. Relationships lead to arguments, arguments lead to fight, and they leave you with a feeling of wretchedness inside. What’s worse, when you’re in a relationship, there’s a cent percent possibility of a break-up. No relationship, no break-up. Yay! It always feels good to live in a Utopian world, and relationships CAN make your life complicated. So, just like an animated Ranbir Kapoor says, “Keep it simple silly!