Thursday, April 21, 2011

Me and My Mumbai! :)

It almost seemed as if time had boarded a jet plane and whizzed past me. A year in Mumbai now, and it feels like my wobbly toddler steps into the media industry happened just yesterday.

I was on the threshold of a four-month stint with the baap of all publications: The Times of India, and I could feel the butterflies fluttering inside my system. Apprehensive, nervous, excited; boy, I was a bundle of emotions. And TOI Bombay was my little paradise. From growing professionally, to coming to terms with the vastness of Bambai nagariya, this has been an incredible journey so far.

And the local train joyrides. Ah! I love ‘em! From going “Dadar kaunse side pe aayega?” to being on the other side of the fence, life has come a full circle. The art of elbowing out people in the race to get a footing space in the train that would be literally spilling with commuters, the rail tracks have been more than a learning curve.

And then it was all about people who mattered. Enormously talented people, who had a very light head on their shoulders! Being in their circle makes just leaves me with the feeling of fast-spreading glee! Yeah, the big fat family at TOI was more than I could’ve asked for. Internship ended, and it was yet again time for the dreadful goodbyes. Hellos are far more difficult than bye-byes. With bye-bye, there’s hope, with hellos come apprehensions. That of course, is me, looking at the world through pessimistic glares! If moving away from friends was sad, looking forward to new company was equally exciting!

It was mid-October, when I was reeling under multiple high BP causing incidents. Lost wallet, no cash in hand, no job, I was almost feeling like a refugee. And happened, and along with it walked into my life, some of the most wonderful people. Life has been good ever since, all thanks to these angels in human form.

As I bring in the first anniversary of my arrival in this city, I have to thank all the people who’ve made this journey worthwhile and beautiful. And I have to admit unabashedly that I am head-over-heels in love with this city and its aura!